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I am Kiichiro Matsumaru, the president of the Japan Rifle Shooting Sport Federation. First of all, as the representative of the host country, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you to come Japan and participate in this competition.

This time, we hold this competition as inclusive competition that means men and women compete at the same events. The reason why we hold the competition by this way, because I would like you to recognize that the shooting sport is an inclusive sport. Old and young , men and women, special needs and normal, all athletes can compete on the same competition stage.

This aspect is very special and rare. As you know making an inclusive and diverse society is a global social issue. Organizing inclusive shooting competitions will help support and increase awareness of gender equality and diversity. It is of great significance for the shooting sport to contribute to solving this issue.

You are young and you will be able to make our shooting sport more popular in the future.
Therefore again I would like to you to recognize this value of the shooting sport.

I hope all of you perform your best in the competition.

— President of JRSF Kiicihro Matsumaru